Updating source code on a working bind server linux

30-Aug-2017 07:16

updating source code on a working bind server linux-31

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As the Lead Architect for our project, he has the final say.The committers are very active in the support and mentoring of other developers in the bigbluebutton-dev mailing list.If we wanted to handle hundreds of simultaneous users, we would have restricted the sharing of webcams and audio channels. Like many open source projects, at the core of the project are a team of developers that have responsibility for core development and overall quality of the project.The current committers are as follows: Committers: The committers have earned this responsibility through years of contribution to Big Blue Button and to related open source projects (i.e. In particular, we very much respect Richard’s seven year-plus effort to create Big Blue Button.

The decision of expanding the committers group rests with the committers.

As an open source project, you are welcome to fork Big Blue Button and build your own applications upon it. Some of the open source components we build on use different licenses, such as red5phone uses the GPL license. We started Big Blue Button as an open source project, and we intend to keep it that way.

One of the main goals we had was to create a large open source community around the project.

Since the core group is still small and the committers are communicating during development, Richard and others know when any major pull requests are coming.

updating source code on a working bind server linux-31

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The submitter of the pull request is responsible for ensuring the feature works correctly against Master.Much of this is invisible to end-users, but it keeps the technical debt low so we can innovate faster with each release. We designed Big Blue Button to be a highly collaborative system.