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A powerful, raw, emotional journey of a woman letting go to find the happiness she seeks.

And even though this isn't exactly a happy, cheery film, largely thanks to the music it is still very vibrant and full of life..matter how gritty that life may be.What it is, is a poignant film about a pregnant woman, magnificently portrayed by Asia Argento, who travels to Romania with a friend to find her lover, who left her in France.Once brutally rejected, she escapes her friend and embraces a gypsy lifestyle until meeting up with another lost soul.She met him in France, but he left her suddenly, without a word of explanation.

Accompanied by her friend Marie, who watches over her jealously, Zingarina throws herself headlong into her quest for love and lets herself be carried away by this country that fascinates her so.

I'm pretty sure I could watch Birol Ünel just standing in a field smoking a cigarette for two hours and I'd love it, but he's also good here.