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That’s because the geek-iarchy has a new book on its shelves, wedged in between resonated because it showed how the information age created the conditions to liberate professionals from the chains of the office, spelling out the steps your average professional could take in order to create a “lifestyle design” that let them work wherever, whenever and, ideally, as little as possible.Its liberation methodology was especially viable for professionals with highly specialized skill, like IT geeks, who ate it up.Could I leap tall buildings on the strength six cat naps?Jon didn’t hedge: “People are always looking for shortcuts around their physical needs. There are no shortcuts.” As for the Ferriss approach: “It’s dangerous,” Jon told me bluntly.Even if your pecs are bulging, they can still sport a pocket protector.Alexandra Samuel is a speaker, researcher and writer who works with the world’s leading companies to understand their online customers and craft data-driven reports like Sharing is the New Buying.

By focusing so much on how his recommendations can manifest as external attractiveness — and barely mentioning the psychological benefits of self-care, like the seratonin boost you get from exercise — Ferriss encourages the geek world to embrace surface-level judgements.

“Setting aside the metabolic, cognitive, and emotional impact of not getting enough sleep, the risk of car accidents or on-the-job accidents alone should keep people from trying this.

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