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01-Nov-2017 18:11

Solve problems using science, data analysis, engineering, mathematics, and more alongside a diverse group of high-achieving students.

Galvanize is home to tech companies of all shapes, sizes, and stages.

City strategic initiatives drive policy creation and implementation for every city, including Austin.

The City of Austin has been on the forefront of opening up their data to the community to create relevant and meaningful plans for the city’s future.

) Coincides with a show of KRK Ryden's great art for DEVO.

Visitors might also enjoy the fantastic Ledges area of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is only about 10 minutes away (and also close to a cheap Budget Inn! at the SISHABAR WUNDERLAMPE, Leipzig This was not a devival per se, just an open party hosted by Rev. Ivan Stang and Princess Wei, for Sub Genius ministers, especially our new/old buddies from previous Euro X-Days and devivals.