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07-Jul-2017 08:12

Katie Price trys her best to wipe the saliva and other muck off her face but is stopped when the man pushes his balls into her mouth and she has no option but to suck on them as he pushes them into her mouth some more, she hears the man moan deeply and she just closes her eyes, wishing for this to be over.

The man laughs at the state Katie Price is in and pulls his balls back out of her mouth as he leans over her and basically rips her bra right off of her, revealing her huge fake tits, the man laughs once again, “Damn, every part of you really is fake aint it?

Katie takes a step back, a bit shocked at the man standing infront of her as she does as he’s says right away, a bit scared of him as she gets down on her knee’s infront of the man, kneeling infront of him she starts to unzip the mans jeans, pulling them down as she does, aswell as his boxers, revealing his semi hard cock.

The man smirks down at her as she reveals his semi, “See, you can’t even make me hard just by looking at you, so it looks like your going to have use those fake lips to get me hard whore” he says looking down at her as he strokes her dark hair away from her face.

Katie price hears his command and opens the bedroom door slowly, she strolls out of the bedroom and looks down at the man sitting on the couch, giving him a evil look as she finally see’s the voice on the end of the phone.

“Wow, you look even more of a whore then usual” he says smirking at her as he looks over her hot body.

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The man finally lets go of her head and nose as she rushes up from his cock and gasps for air as her face looks like a mess already, her eyes watering and her mouth and chin is covered in her own saliva, she looks up at the man for an answer and all she gets is a laugh as he looks down at her pathetic state, “You bastard” she says as she goes to get up but the man grabs her head once again and stands up himself, dragging her into the bedroom with pure force.The Blackmailing of Katie Price By: Toxic Celeb: Katie ‘Jordan’ Price Codes: MF | reluc | oral | viol | Disclaimer: This story is obviously 100% fake and never, nor will it, ever happen in real life, if you can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction then your a dumb dumb so don’t bother reading, oh and don’t read if your under 18 either! No actual celebs were hurt in the making of this story either! It was about 5 weeks ago, right after Katie had split up with her husband Peter Andre, and she had gone out with a few friends to a local bar, it was mainly a blur but she remembered being chatted up by a nice young man and spending a very long night with him getting over her ex husband, she just didn’t realise how young he was until five hours ago when she had gotten the dreaded call, now she was waiting for her instructions from the mysterious man on the phone.

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