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We are split into two camps,' said Patsy to the camera.'Me and Fiona don't know what to do. Businesswoman Michelle retaliated by telling her to 'zip it'.'Don't tell me to zip it,' said Patsy. 'You may have guessed by now, we're the boys team,' he joked. Gerald added: 'Jonathan is the sort of person that likes to monopolise.' Gok Wan and Jack Dee introduce the pirates, sea monstes an aliens who will be Swappy characters.We're not being told anything.' Her grievance came to a head when Patsy, in charge of choreographing their team's dancers at the launch, and Michelle started rowing.'You keep asking me and telling me what I'm doing. The commercial was played, with Alan singing the 'Use it! Dee said the space monsters will be called Colin, Bob and Pete'I utilised him to the full.' Of the girls' toy, Sir Alan said: 'One of the blokes said he didn't think the product is marketable in its current form. It shouldn't have been pink.' Alan then addressed the boys.'My problem is how you get these things off the ground,' he said, inspecting the belt and the complex collection of characters, which would each need individual tools to be manufactured properly. The product had to have some legs and be viable.' We won!

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Jonathan and Jack went off to film theirs, with Jonathan taking charge of the directing for his team. Jack told Jonathan: 'I don't think there would ever be a case when you weren't directing this commercial.'Viewers also enjoyed the element of friction in the room as laid-back Jonathan tried to hurry Jack along, at one point climbing over him on the chair, as Jack tried to bash out his ideas on his laptop.I helped a few of Britain's 15million singles to look and feel their best in a six-part series which first aired in early 2013.

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The MILFs on cam are just regular people who work during the day as business women or looking after their kids, but have a need to put on live sex shows for strangers in their spare time.… continue reading »

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