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The girl stood up and, ignoring me completely, said good night to Nikola and flounced from the room. "I don't know about that," she responded, pouring wine into her glass.The young guy rolled his eyes and rose slowly to his feet. I was a bit put off at first, I mean he wanted me to piss in front of him, I thought it was a disgusting, degrading thing to do, but I fucking love it now." Nikola did her little headshake. He's with his wife tonight; I can't deal with his lies any more. I followed her quickly, catching up with Nikola at the fridge. "Maybe," she added, "but there's something you'd have to do first." Anything!Also, as I got close to the finale I then injected the 'Aunty Nikola' thing.I do hope this cross-categorisation doesn't detract from the overall impression of a nasty piss tale. I'd like to know how this is received by the genuine pee lovers out there.I loved it when Nikola swore, which she did with the ease of a sailor, the obscenities sounded so wrong when she delivered them with that la-de-da accent of hers.I knew Nikola's history -- the daughter of a colonel in a good regiment of the British Army; later married to a lawyer and subsequently divorced; two kids, a boy and a girl, the boy living with his dad.

However, when I opened the door the toilet was already occupied, with Nikola sitting on the seat, thighs wide while she pissed a heavy stream of liquid into the bowl. Something in her tone made my cock thicken with interest. When I released Nikola's breast with a gasp of satisfaction, she stepped back a pace. She smiled an uncharacteristic, self-deprecating smile. "I didn't think you'd want to see me nude." She gave a little shrug. I'd always thought Nikola was super confident; to hear her refer to herself as an old bag had me shaking my head in objection. "Does this look like I'm taking the rise out of you? Nikola gave me her trademark smirk, the sassy, sarcastic one.A fairly short one at around 4900 words but one I hope you find entertaining.