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In the preparation of the present edition, therefore, I have made considerable additions; and, I trust, improvements also, in the hope of making it more worthy and more useful. - Objections to the foregoing Argument answered SECT. - Description of the Heathen Hell, its Location, Inhabitants and Punishments; compared with Church Doctrine SECT. - The Doctrine Invented by Heathen Legislators and Poets; Shown by their own Confession SECT. Let us, then, proceed to inquire if we have any such revelation of the doctrine.Two chapters and two sections entire have been added, and chapters three, four and six, have been greatly enlarged, and the argument illustrated and fortified by new facts and authorities. When God created Adam and Eve, and placed them in the garden of Eden, did He announce to them any law for their observance, having attached to it the penalty in question? Read diligently the first and second chapters of Genesis, and see if anything of this sort is recorded there, in connection with the creation of man.USHER In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts Stereotyped by HOBART & ROBBINS, New England Type and Stereotype Foundry, BOSTON This little work is written for the purpose of furnishing a sketch of the argument by which it is shown that the doctrine of Endless Punishment is not of divine origin, but traceable directly to a heathen source.It is not intended as an elaborately philosophical or critical discussion of the subject, as the size of the volume will show; but only as a popular presentation of the method of proof, and of the leading facts and authorities on which the argument rests.Since the above was written, this work has passed through several large editions. - Testimony of Orthodox Critics and Theologians to this Point SECT. They are simply commanded not to eat of the forbidden tree.The present issue has additional testimonies strengthening the argument in its various branches. Now, whether this is understood in a literal or allegorical sense, we cannot suppose that we have here the formal announcement of a divine law, which claimed the obedience of all mankind on the penalty of endless torment.

And on all sides, and in the churches of all sects, there is increased inquiry into the foundations of the doctrine, and rapidly growing doubts of its divine origin and authority. Bartholomew The Catholic Inquisition The Spanish Inquisition; its Influence on Society; Note The Influence not confined to Catholic Believers of the Doctrine The following two positions will be admitted without question, it is believed, by all Christians. If the doctrine of endless punishment be, as affirmed by its believers, absolutely and indispensably necessary to the preservation of virtue, and to perfect obedience to the laws of God; if this be the salutary and saving influence of the doctrine, then it constitutes one of the strongest possible reasons for its being revealed to man at the very earliest period of the world's history. If endless punishment be true, it is terribly true to all those who are in danger, - wherein is found another powerful reason why it should have been made known in the clearest manner, on the very morning of creation!Still the book is far from what I could wish, or what it might be made, if time, and all the means of investigation, were at command. Surely justice demanded, if He had forced them into being subject to this awful peril, that He should set out before them both the law and its punishment in the most specific manner. In chapter ii 15-17, we have this statement: "And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and keep it.