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Grodd, 29, met Lutar, who owns a marketing and staffing agency, Propelle Konnect, through mutual friends at a barbecue in Newport Beach, California, in July 2016.“The minute I met her I knew this was how you feel when you meet your wife for the first time,” he previously told PEOPLE.That said, it’s important to notice this behaviour in yourself and realise why this disconnect exists.A lot of the time, we simply don’t believe the other person will care if we never hear from them again.There are a lot of things to complain about when someone ghosts you.Whenever a person I dug suddenly dips out of my life, I tend to lament the amount of time I took getting ready for the date, travelling to the date, then actually being on the date, and realise I could have been spending all of that time watching old episodes of I understand the impulse to “know”.Flash-forward three months, and I bumped into him on the street in So Ho.We chatted a bit, and then he said, “Why did you ghost me?

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“I wanted her to be completely surprised.” “It was truly the most incredible day of our lives,” he added.

There is one exception to this rule, though: If the person was a total jerk to me, or made me feel unsafe in any way, then his karma is being ghosted forever.

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